Susan practiced law, teaches writing,  is an author, and in her spare time gets out of her comfort zone by performing comedy improv.

Her non-fiction includes family and business histories (specializing in immigrant stories). Her fiction includes short stories, several of which were included in literary magazines. They were published as a collection called In the Middle of Almost and Other Stories

Her first novel A Suitable Husband explores the political youth groups in prewar Poland through the experiences of a young Jewish woman who must choose between Alex, the upstanding doctor brought by the matchmaker, and Wolf, the intrepid Zionist leader who can help her get to Palestine.

She has recently completed a second novel called Children of Lies, in which Rachel, a premed student with little interest in Israel, meets Michael, a Palestinian doctor in New York on a fellowship. Drawn together by their differences, an unlikely romance develops, forcing them each to confront pre-existing loyalties, and to uncover truths buried under a lifetime of lies.

Susan also believes in the value of journaling, both for remembering the many remarkable things that happen every day, as well as for the health benefits of focusing on the funny, entertaining, or enchanting events that occur in our daily lives. She has assembled her ideas in a short how-to book called The Journal Project: Capturing the Magic of Family Life through Stories.



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