S. B. Lerner, Author

S.B. Lerner grew up in and around NYC and has worked in law, business, and teaching, but all the while studied writing at night. After publishing her short stories in literary magazines, she assembled them into a collection, called In the Middle of Almost and Other Stories, which is now available from Amazon in paperback and for Kindle and Nook.

A daughter of European immigrants, S.B. has read extensively about World War Two and the prewar period, both in fiction and non-fiction. Her first novel, A Suitable Husband, explores the political youth groups in prewar Poland, through the eyes of a young Jewish woman caught between the pressures of her traditional parents and those of her radical political group.

It is published by Hearts Diary an imprint of Vegawire Media. Vegawire is the brainchild of two Columbia MFAs, writers,and industry veterans, and she finds it exciting to be on the ground floor of a new publishing venture.

Susan is available for book club discussions via Skype, telephone, or in person when possible. She welcomes invitations through the contact page.

PRAISE FOR- A Suitable Husband

"A compelling and superbly written page-turner...With engaging characters, appealing subplots, and a fascinating historical background sprinkled throughout, A Suitable Husband is a highly satisfying read..." Long Island Woman Magazine

"Lerner is a master at moving from the unsettling political scene to the equally unsettling turmoil of young love..." Karen Casey Fitzgerrell, author

"A stunning portrayal of the social and political climate of 1930s Poland...the pressure never lifts from Bianca, her mother, and her twin brother: each with their own, often conflicting hopes and dreams, but all of them struggling against increasingly anti-Semitic government policies and harsh new realities..." Les Edgerton, author

"A beautifully written coming of age story that touches both the heart and mind. A must for all readers of historical fiction..." Jennifer Alexander, Mommy's Reading Too, blog


PRAISE FOR- In the Middle of Almost and Other Stories - 

"All the stories are beautifully written...There are stories of love that can never be, realization of the importance of freedom, not settling for Mr. Right Now and conflicts between safety and excitement....well-written, engaging and thought provoking...I highly recommend it." The Aussie Zombie, Blog

"A wonderful collection...The title story vividly describes the angst many women confront in an urban setting. The theme of fear of loneliness against the conflicting fear of intimacy filters through many of the pieces..." Henry Mazel, author

"The book read very fast, but it was all really good. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys good chick lit, but can live without the 'love conquers all' type themes. It really was refreshing...I enjoyed every story..."  Lilac Wolf and Stuff, Blog

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