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 “There are so many truths. Which one do you want?”

Rachel, a pre-med student from a Jewish family, doesn’t think much about Israel until she meets Michael, a Palestinian doctor in New York on a fellowship, and the leader of a group supporting the uprising.
She is attracted to his strength and passion for helping his people. He sees her as a recruit to his cause. Drawn together by their differences, their unlikely romance will force them to confront pre-existing loyalties, and to uncover truths buried under a lifetime of lies.
Children of Lies is the story of two people in love, trapped in a political maelstrom, and a suspenseful and thought-provoking thriller set in NYC and Israel.

From Publishers Weekly Reviewer:

Lerner delivers a fast-paced and well-researched love story set against the turmoil of the Israel/Palestine conflict……with effective analogies, insightful observations into human emotion and behavior…and the hypnotic power of charismatic personalities……Her prose offers nimble transitions between the love story and more sociological content, balancing the two elements with poise.

 A love story against an environment of political and social upheaval has been staged before, yet Lerner details the circumstances of this particular conflict and these lovers from different ideological backgrounds, with power and graceand succeeds in creating multifaceted protagonists, effectively establishing them as both figures who love freely, regardless of their circumstances, and as individuals who are caught on opposite sides of a seemingly unbridgeable conflict.  (BookLife Prize)

From Amazon Expert Reviewers

...Excellent writing. Good pacing. Believable characters and dialogue. The work of a pro ….” and “…Outstanding!…”

From Kirkus Reviews:

 “…Lerner’s novel explores the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a young Jewish woman’s romance with a Palestinian doctor…She ably handles the delicate politics of the conflict, using different characters to express different views… Rachel’s own education will benefit readers who are less aware of the complicated history…  A thoughtful mix of romance and politics…”